Eugene’s Journal: The First Entry

I think that history is a byproduct of writing.

And while I can orally speak of the remarkable events of our past, I feel that written words serve posterity much better. Such is the line of thinking that led me to start writing a journal amongst the other things that I write. While I write for a newspaper for a living, as well as having written several books, writing a journal is a new thing to me. Perhaps it’ll turn out to be an adventure. Perhaps it might do well for my mental well-being. But however it might turn out, I’m hoping it’ll at least be amusing. 

March 3rd, 2014

That was the first entry in Eugene Callighan’s journal. In an age of online blogs, he chose to do something rebellious: handwriting his journal entries. This is a decision that was made lightly. Despite being a twenty-something, Eugene has a bit of an old soul. He takes pleasure in things that seem to be out-of-fashion. But he does so while being just a tad shy of being called a “hipster”.

There is a kind of sensation that someone can feel when jotting down ink into tangible pieces of paper. One could argue that such a sensation is orgasmic, mind you. It’s not a leap of imagination to see the similarities between dispersing ink from a pen and ejecting semen from a phallus. Oh, how psychoanalysts would love that comparison!

In that sense, writing thoughts on a piece of paper is an act of spawning brainchildren.

Oh my, that conjures quite unsightly images!


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